(LSJ) Explaining Dream Engine

Dream Engine is Life Supporting Engine for 50k People tribe living on Earth. It has Recovery Engine which fixes problems man-made on Earth. 

Dream is that living in a Tribe using Dream Engine is FREE to its habitats. This means there is no need to traditional work (at least not in large scale).

Dream Engine will include production of Energy, Build of Houses and Infrastructure, Food, Water, Health Services, Transportation inside and around the Tribe, Waste Management, and Recovery Engine to fix Terrain and Nature Problems the Area is facing.

The Original Idea of Dream Engine was presented by Lifetime Studios December 2015. It is based on the idea that Mankind can recover Earth from Man-made mistakes in 100 years. The Dream Engine project ambitious goal is make this idea to happen in 30-50 years.

First Beta Platform is under planning phase. The idea thanks NASA Get Your Ass to Mars Project, where similar problems will be solved in Mars. The scale of the project is somewhat different.

The main technologies to create dream engine are: IoT, Robotics, Quantified Self and Health, Drones for Transportation, Solar, Waves, Wind and other renewable energy technologies, .. (list will go on, please send me your solution ristopaarni@lifetimeconsulting.eu ).

Dream engine (Top-Down) with recovery engine is part of Operation Playground (Bottom-Up).
Helping Tribe Mankind to save this Planet Earth.

Thank you. Let's become lifetime friends !

Technologies will be presented here: (needs some work)

Ehang 184 Human-carrying Drone

ehang transportation