Lifetime®Certified Partners Program

Lifetime Certified Partners Consortium consists of 500+ leading professionals World-wide available 24 / 7 on Lifetime™Digital Workspace for corporate project managers to ideate, plan, develop, productize, launch, engage solutions to the chosen customers.

The focus of Lifetime Certified Partners Consortium is in Top Quality for EU / US / Asia Corporate Customers. We unite World’s Top Resources with Lifetime unique offering.

Together, available at Lifetime™Digital Workspace and its technology stack, Lifetime®Certified Partners Program offers

  • 50 IT, Advisory and Consultancy roles at 6 Skills Levels with 2-tier Pricing Model - On-Site (Premium) Off-Site (Standard).

  • 16 high quality focused team profiles crafted from the roles;

  • We choose each year 16 Lifetime Certified Partners with coverage of over 500 Certified Professionals available on Lifetime Digital Workspace to our Corporate Customers and to Consortium Partner Network.

  • Top Freelancers to cherry up any project

  • Top Advisors to finalize planning

  • Top Partner Corporation present ( 🎁 Discounts)

  • Top Software Vendors Partnerships ( no need to apply all )

  • NDAs, CVs, Delivery Agreement Management, IT2018,

  • GDPR Compliance, Legal

  • Project Management, Time Management

  • Billable Hours Report end-to-end

  • Sales Support, Joint Sales, Lead Commission in Partner Network

  • Large Bid Support (Consortium Bid)

  • Governmental Bid Support

  • Focused Technology Stack

  • Focused IT Roles Stack ( due demand)

  • Project Fundraising support ( EU Programs, eipp, Crowd, Crypto, BA, VC)

Become a Lifetime®Certified Partner

Reach out to gain access to Lifetime Certified Partner program (LCP). Our partners benefit from sharing in the success of our clients, gain access to exclusive services and content. Partners are eligible to thought leadership and shared events and promotion. After being approved as solution provider to Lifetime Certified Partner Program your company is eligible to join the following Founding Partner Programs;

  1. Become a Lifetime™Digital Workspace Founding Partner

  2. Become CIMS Crypto™Investment Management Studio CIMS® Founding Partner

  3. Join CIMSCoin® / CIMSCash® Blockchain Buidl Program

  4. Join AI Founding Partner Program (NEW)

Please fill in the following form to become one of our global partners.


  • Become member of our Partners and Solutions Community.

  • Shared events and promotion in EU.

  • Become leading partner organisation of Lifetime Digital Workspace where we deliver projects around the clock and around the Globe.

  • Get Bids and lots of project work to shared from our Teams.

  • Lifetime Group has 50 roles and 16 international teams delivering many wild projects around the Globe.

  • Access and share your thought leadership, training, certificates.

About the Lifetime Certified Partners and Solutions Community

Grab yourself a nice cup of Coffee. Then let’s begin.

Kind advices for the Application

Please allow yourself 90-120 minutes to carefully fill in the Partner Form. Please Do NOT leave blanks. Legal and pricing needs to be there. There are no unnecessary information fields. We use all the information to connect your company to our buyers and Lifetime Certified Partners Network. We need the data to process NDAs, CVs, Agreements and Marketing.

  • Kindly approve us the right to use your material in our Marketing and send your Deck in editable format, preferably Google Sheets, Apple Pages format to (5 slides presentation is ideal for the deck).

  • Please indicate your signing authority information (CEO, Manager) so that this information can be used to process Delivery Agreements.

  • Indicate how many participants (licenses) there will be in Lifetime Digital Workspace from your company.

  • You can compare your market price per hour to Finnish local wages price (divide 160 h) to find the right price range (ask for a reference price range if uncertain).

Next Steps

Thank you of opening Partner Program with Lifetime Group, looking forward delivering great project with you!

Risto Anton
Lifetime Group

Next Steps: We will check that quality is OK and all details are in place you will get NDA to sign.

Please send the following details

  • Company legal name

  • Business ID

  • CEO / MD Full Name

  • CEO email

  • CEO phone number (direct)

  • Company Site legal address

  • (to build business relationship and NDA between the companies).

  • Your company deck in editable form to add to our offering when suitable (usually 3-5 your best slides are used).

We will then send you our Team and Person CV templates to send us more information from your resources.

Thank you of being a lifetime friend.

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Lifetime OY is Official tilaajavastuu Partner - Contractor’s Obligations Act and the Tax Number Act.

Lifetime OY is Official tilaajavastuu Partner - Contractor’s Obligations Act and the Tax Number Act.

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