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The Resource Platform for Corporate Customer Project Development

Lifetime™Digital Workspace is corporate customer Platform, Web site and a award-winning mobile application.

It is designed to deliver, lead, manage, collaborate on corporate project resources based on Lifetime™Digital Workers and Cloud™Ready Teams, Offshored Professionals, Freelancers.

  1. Optimize personnel costs with Digital Work and Offshoring personnel. Find Cost reduction with outsourcing, outplacement. Transform human workforce into digital workers and automation.

  2. Reduce IT costs by reducing internal ICT silos and building them again into hybrid cloud using DevOps, microservices, containers, application management

  3. Digitalise Corporate workforce routines, processes and improve corporate performance.

  4. Build, manage ideas into innovation projects with secure vested sourcing through 1500+ Top Professionals made Cloud Ready Teams in EU and Globally.

Bring your advisory for strategy, planning, project portfolio management, and project management to life with Lifetime™Digital Workspace and with our Certified people. We offer to our customers

  • Lifetime Digital Workspace - Overview

    • 50+ IT, Advisory and Consultancy roles available to work with you

    • 6 Skills Levels

    • 16+ high Quality Team Category profiles crafted from the roles;

    • 16 carefully chosen Lifetime Certified Partners with over 1500 Certified Professionals available on-site and online to build the right it.

    • Top Freelancers that work close to your project.

    • Top Advisors that offer global support.

    • Top Investors will join Lifetime Digital Workspace.

    • Top Partner Corporations and ecosystem present and APIs connected.

  • many customer-centric operational teams that are on Lifetime Digital Workspace 24/7 to deliver your project.

    • engage your project to customer with Lifetime Digital Workspace.

  • tens of customer projects agile work ongoing in Lifetime Digital Workspace.

  • DevOps Core Team 24 / 7. From Scenarios and Business Canvas into Production.

  • Pretotyping : “Build the right it before building it right”.

  • NEW ! Cloud™Ready Teams with Lifetime™Digital Workers. Train and build your Digital workforce.

  • Modern Data Platform. You own your own data. Export Data. Import Data. API Ecosystem Centric Built.

  • CIMSCASH - gamification. Rank. Compare. Win in the Crowd Race.

    • Earn CIMSCASH while building any project.

    • Spend CIMSHCASH on Best Resources.

    • Transfer earned funds to CIMSCOIN, BITCOIN, FIAT.

  • CIMSCOIN - monetization. Investment.

Scale out with our Secure Managed Sourcing made easy. Get Us. Advisors and Teams you Trust.


Lifetime™Digital Workspace makes it easy to transform sourcing from Off-Shore / Nearshoring to Secure Managed Sourcing. Read now the Whitepaper; Managed Sourcing transforms IT Sourcing Practices.

ENCRYPTION of all customer DATA (GDPR)

ENCRYPTION of all customer DATA (GDPR)

Agile Virtual Workspace to easy project follow-up

All our Consultants are available almost 24 / 7 on Near Shore Video Conference and on Lifetime Digital Workspace.

Digital Signatures for Documentation.

We use SAFe and Agile methodologies to deliver projects. While its SAFe its also in Atlassian JIRA. And all our Customer documents are AES-256 encrypted on G Suite, Office 365, iCloud, Dropbox.

automated, decentralized, distributed platform is using DLT.

Earn CIMSCoin while using DWS.

Join our Atlassian JIRA environment today

Join our Atlassian JIRA environment today

Get Best Tools and Tooling

Best Global Partners

Best Teams

Best Senior Consultants

available on one

Digital Workspace

Lifetime Digital Workspace (DWS) connects you with all our professional consultants and teams into unique community where our customers can be assured the

  • Quality of solution proposed.

  • DevSecOps-made easy deliverables.

  • Scalability of the resources needed.

All Customer work is transparently planned, led, and reported in Lifetime Digital Workspace. As a Customer Project Owner you are in the know 24/7 of the delivery of the Sprints, RTEs.

Bring Your Own. The in-House resources can join teams combined to boosted delivery of the project. Take-Over is planned and on-going from Day one.


Asiakasta varten Lifetime Digital Workspacessa on todennetusti luotettavia yhteistyökumppaneita.

DWS Platform tukee SAFe, JIRA, Tempo, DevSecOps, ja tooling kuten Digital Workforce, RPA, JIRA Automation, aws, Tensorflow, Machine Learning, Agile Leadership.

Case Study; Why we need Lifetime Digital Workspace ?

Situation: Offshoring is not found its way to all major companies due its limitations.

Ongelma: Asiakas ei luota ulkoistettuihin toimittajiin. Työtä on vaikea suunnitella. Metodit eivät kohtaa.

Työtä on vaikeaa valvoa. Kumppanien tuntemus on heikkoa ja kumppanien löytäminen on työlästä.

Liiketoimintatarpeet sanelevat että aikaa kumppanioppimiseen on vähän.

Samaan aikaan hankkeiden kyberturvallisuustyöhön ei riitä resursseja.

Ratkaisu: Lifetime Digital Workspace auttaa tuntemaan hankintaketjun. Kumppanimme osaavat saman metodin ja suositut välineet.

Voimme tehdä Teille yhteistarjouksia hyödyntäen Lifetime Groupin 17 tarkoin valittua yhtenäisen toimintatavan omaavaa kansainvälistä kumppania, 16 tiimä, sekä 50 erilaista roolia. Voimme liittää tarjouksiin kumppaniverkoston palveluja ja tuotteita.

Voimme hyödyntää Lifetime Groupin puite- ja toimitussopimuksia yhteisissä tarjouksissa.

ajatukseni on, että saan kumppanimme yhteen Lifetime Digital Workspaceen jossa tarjoamme joukon luotettavia yhteistyökumppaneita sekä yhteisen metodin sekä työskentelyalustan sisältäen mm.

  • G Suite for Business,

  • Hangouts for Video 24/7 videokonferenssi

  • Google Docs Open API

  • Sheets Automation ja RPA

  • Big Data, ML;AI

  • Chromebookit ja Laptops

  • Atlassian palvelut

  • JIRA for Cloud,

  • Confluence for Cloud,

  • Bitbucket,

  • Tempo Timesheets

  • Tempo Planner

  • Bid co-operation

  • Sales lead co-operation

  • työajan suunnittelu ja kirjaukset sekä yhteydet laskutukseen.

  • Asiakirjojen digitaalinen hyväksyminen ja versionhallinta.

  • Process Automation and RPA.

How to join Lifetime Digital Workspace and our Partners Community?

  1. Fill in the Partners application form and apply to join.

  2. Sign our company NDA

  3. and accept and sign Partner Agreement.

  4. Send your participating Consultant CVs to Risto.

  5. When Your organisation’s Partner Agreement is approved buy needed DWS amount of licenses here.

  6. Work with demo project to learn DWS way of work.

  7. To begin Customer assignment. Digitally Sign Customer Commission Agreement.

  8. Apply and Join our wild projects, customer projects and start delivering value.

  9. Become Lifetime Certified Partner (see LCP Program).

Slack for teams is connected with twitter and linkedin

Slack for teams is connected with twitter and linkedin

Easy to join

If you are a Customer seeking a scalable resources for your demand connect with us today. Predicatble project costs. Lifetime Digital Workspace makes this easy.

Easy Team led with proven best practices

Call Risto Anton now for a pilot project.

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