(LSJ) Will Fresh Towers Solve Global Warming and make us Live Free?

Lifetime Studios Blue Ocean Ideas Presents:

End Air Pollution, prevent abandon of homes and relocate, using Fresh Towers
Move Mankind from Industrialized World to Value Creation Era.

Proposed Solution 1: Stop raise of Global Warming through lowering the level of Air Pollution

Proposed Solution 2: Stop abandon of homes and relocate through Rising Sea Levels

Build A Fresh Tower 1 km High and 1 km2 ( 1 Square Kilometer) Area At the Top to suck dirty air in and filter the outgoing air from micro-dirt (PM 2.5) and other particles (PM 10).
The Fresh Tower is solar and wind powered unit that will solve Major City air pollution problem like Beijing is currently facing. The solution is building up 1,000 Fresh Tower Units are constructed in Heavily Tensed City Areas. Fresh Tower can be built on Water so it prevent relocation in areas of rising sea levels.

Cleaned, fresh Air is pumped to ground level. Tower can turn on its base to face the wind and get most of flow of Air Stream in to its well.

Fresh Tower include Free Homes and Food Production for the Citizens. Tower may have Plant Floors needed cleaning 03  Ozone, NO2 Nitrogen dioxide, SO2 sulfur dioxide, CO Carbon Monoxide etc. from the Air. With Special Filter even more could be filtered from the Air. Fresh Towers are mostly needed in the most Crowded City Center Areas, but they could produce new Dream Zones for Humans fe. in Amazon.

All Maintenance, both the Fresh Tower and to its habitats, is done by Dedicated Robots so every Fresh Tower is also Dream Engine (ie. You are free to live there without money for basic needs).

The Promise (2100)

When Fresh Towers are installed globally mankind can save this Planet and move from industrialized World to Value Creation World. We can easily meet Paris Climate Agreement Resolution and go beyond. RIsing Sea Levels needs also new buildings to prevent relocation of people. Connected Fresh Towers can provide Decks above the Sea.

Space Travel is expected to grow in coming decades. Every Fresh Tower should be built with Rocket Launch Bed at the Top to ensure Space Travel ( See Elon Musk Vision).

Current Situation (2017)

In the link below there are Real Time Beijing pollution values. In Helsinki worst Day in Mannerheimintie is CA. 50 Units. in Beijing the worst day value is over 500 Units. 3,5 million people die every year for micro dirt in China alone. Now this I call No Go.

Beijing Air Pollution : The Real Situation

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