Digi native Generation Alpha

Millennials - A digital first generation

B-to-C Sales

B-to-B Sales

Brand engage on Social

Platform to gather data

Mobile to reaching Digi Natives

You get it. Digi Natives and Your Industry’s Next Level

Diginative Generation Alpha (born 2010 and later) and Millennials (born 2000-2010) are here.

These two digital-first generations, Millennials and Alphas rely on their mobile social media channels to share content with their peers, promote and recommend the things they like, dislike and ❤️ love, and to get closer to their favorited brands. Their buying decision rely on social promotions and brand engagement (Vertaistieto on tärkein kriteeri ostopäätöksissä) along with the most important decision making factor ;

peer recommendations.

Reaching digi native generations means investing into brand engagement marketing on social and building presence on mobile. The winners are those who can create appealing platform and mobile and AR / VR solution to gain digi natives increasing traction and positive awareness cycle.

Peer recommendations is the most critical decision factor for Millenials and alphas.

Peer recommendations is the most critical decision factor for Millenials and alphas.

10 Questions about Digi Natives and your road map

CIOs, digital Marketing Managers, CEOs, Product Owners, PMs, Strategists needs to act now

CIOs, digital Marketing Managers, CEOs, Product Owners, PMs, Strategists needs to act now

Question 1 : How should your corporation be preparing to lead in the Digi Native consumer revolution?

Question 2: How can we together produce higher brand engagement for the new generations and your corporate product line?

Question 3: What kind of a new technological solutions are in the Corporate pipeline to meet the consumer revolution?

Question 4: How Company Blogs, Podcasts, Social channel posts, mobile application, Augment Reality Application, YouTube Channel, Instagram Channel, along with your digital marketing efforts, corporate mobile presence, the Continuous integration and development platform (CI/CD) devops, and more drive your product engagement, drive traffic, increase traction, and finally build higher revenues streams?

(To get your recommendation of the needed action click the Digi Natives Readiness Questionnaire).

Question 5: How to build loyal customers and employees from Alphas and Millennials? How to gain attention to your industry and corporation in such way that this is creating positive vibes.

Question 6: How business strategy and the purpose of your company is affected of this customer engagement opportunity?

Question 7: How you measure the success?

Question 8: How data-driven strategy improve your sales?

Question 9: Ownership of the new oil. Who owns data? Should we buy or sell data? What data strategy is needed to make success story? What is the value of Data?

Question 10: How are you going to close resource gap that the new opportunity has created?

Lifetime Group offers consultants and cloud ready teams to close the resource and cost gap, IT DELIVERY GAP, CEM GAP, Leadership and time gap, and can help you deliver continuously.

Lifetime Group offers consultants and cloud ready teams to close the resource and cost gap, IT DELIVERY GAP, CEM GAP, Leadership and time gap, and can help you deliver continuously.

TIP: Please consider, is owning data a centric of your customer engagement strategy?

If so how you plan to own the data?

And the Winner is

The winner for the race for Alphas and Millennials attention and admiration are corporations

  • whose platform is popular and their values reflect those of Millennials and Alphas

  • whose digital solutions like AR / VR applications and their mobile app are accepted, used, loved.

  • who gather CEM data to transform their business and turn it into success engagement stories.

  • whose core existence is tied with sustainable development.

Secure Managed Sourcing Framework

The Digi Natives Solutions Framework

B-to-C Sales

B-to-B Sales

B-to-B-to-B Sales


ISO/IEC 27000:2018

Corporate challenge: get ready for Millenials and Alphas

transforming into the new market strategy

Lifetime Group has created Secure Managed Sourcing Framework to deliver resources and solutions.

Read our whitepaper on Secure Managed Sourcing Framework. The Digi native solutions framework.

For any organization, data is one of its most valuable assets and data breaches can cost heavily in terms of lost business and cleaning up the damage.

Related ISO/IEC 27000:2018. Information Security Management system (ISMS) family of standards. standards describing ISMS requirements (ISO/IEC 27001). Certification body requirements (ISO/IEC 27006). Additional requirement framework ISMS (ISO/IEC 27009).

Buy our Teams and Consultancy to solve the Gaps

Solving the Gaps

  • IT delivery Gap

    • TTM

    • 80 / 130 Model

  • Project Resource Gap

    • Consultancy

    • Advisors

    • Teams

    • 50 roles

    • 16 teams

    • Consortium

    • 1500 Consultants

    • Certified Partners

  • Leadership Gap

    • Online

  • CEM Gap

  • HCM Gap

    • ISMS

    • ISO/IEC 27000:2018

    • Private Cloud

    • Public Cloud

    • Hybrid Cloud

    • Back-Office Solutions

  • Cost Gap

    • Vested Sourcing

    • Two Price-Tier Model

    • Premium On-Site

    • Offshore

Lifetime Group serves the industries

Lifetime Group Offering answers Digi Native Challenge for Corporations

Software Development

New Product




Lifetime Group : Industries and Generations : Creating Solutions to the Digi Natives Age.

Today I discussed with Lifetime Certified partners and We agreed to develop free corporate POC that uses totally cool techology stack.
We want to reach 600 corporations in Finland 🇫🇮 1200 in Sweden 🇸🇪 and 6000 corporations in Germany 🇩🇪 with our “Free Corporate POC” model. Lifetime Certified Partners will then give final project proposal upon leads interest and needs.

Solving the Industry Gaps

The BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) Industry

The BFSI industries are facing challenges post the financial meltdown due to increasing security requirements, regulatory norms, increased compliance burden and Open Banking Initiative.

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The survival and success of companies in the BFSI industry can be improved significantly by meeting Digi native Customers expectations and launching their engagement growth through implementing new banking and finance software solutions on mobile and customer engagement through data-driven analytics. The BFSI industry is in transformation including new products including cryptocurrency based products.

The energy (Oil & Gas , Sustainable Energy, Mining) industry

The energy industry are the core industries across the globe with strategic importance that influences all other spheres of the economy. The energy industry involves in the production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution.

Some of the key challenges faced by the energy industry in the age of Digi Natives on demand are:

  • How to be approved by the eyes of the digi natives?

  • Complex chain of industry operations and processes

  • Adherence to strict rules and regulatory compliance

  • Strong influence of external factors like weather and commodities prices

  • Need of effective sales and operations planning for product supply and forecasting

  • Ensuring cost savings with more integrated processes

  • Need of new skilled workers to handle dynamic workforce

Case Study Finnish Energy Innovation Partners

Lifetime Group is building together with Finnish Energy Innovation Partners.

The Finnish Energy Industry is under transformation. The on-demand for carbon neutrality in EU is by 2035. Finland is among the first countries that pledges to become carbon neutral by 2035 (Guardian “Finland pledges to become carbon neutral by 2035”).

Lifetime GROUP ketterä johtajuus, ketterä sopimuskäytäntö, kanban, kaizen flow käytännössä

Lifetime GROUP ketterä johtajuus, ketterä sopimuskäytäntö, kanban, kaizen flow käytännössä

The Energy Industry Partners are

Caruna: Innovaatioita liikenteen sähköistämiseen, energiayhteisöjen mahdollistamiseen sekä rakentamisen digitalisoimiseen.

Helen: Teemoja, jotka liittyvät energiatehokkuuteen, koteihin ja kiinteistöihin liittyviin energiaratkaisuihin sekä aurinkoenergiaan.

Landis+Gyr: Ratkaisuja, joiden avulla dataa voidaan hyödyntää energiayhtiöiden toiminnan kehittämiseksi.

Vaasan Sähkö: Polulle toivotaan yrityksiä, jotka voivat tuoda lisäarvoa alan kokonaisketjun hallintaan asiakkaasta tuotantoon.

Motiva: Yrityksiä, joiden tuottamat ratkaisut voivat liittyä esimerkiksi energiavarastoihin, kotiautomaatioon ja hajautettuun tuotantoon.

Neste Oyj: Neste (NESTE, Nasdaq Helsinki) luo vastuullisia vaihtoehtoja liikenteen, yritysten ja kuluttajien tarpeisiin. Voimme auttaa asiakkaitamme pienentämään hiilijalanjälkeään kaikkialla maailmassa laadukkailla ja vähäpäästöisillä uusiutuvilla tuotteilla ja korkealaatuisilla öljytuotteilla, jotka voidaan yhdistää räätälöidyiksi palveluratkaisuiksi.

Education and eLearning Industry

The global Education industry is going through radical changes, due to factors like emerging technology innovations, student mobility, EU regulations and others. The popularity of mobile, 4G, and social networking has provided a great opportunity to the Education industry for content delivery in the digital form in various channels that Digi Natives prefer.

The educational institutes are transforming into 3D AR / VR classrooms and learning management software that have addressed various issues, like:

  • Scattered Resources - Learner, Educator and Learning Material

  • Lack of AR / VR Mobility

  • Lack of Collaboration Between School, Students and Parents

  • Administrative Activities are still carried out on Papers and Files

  • Inappropriate focus on Research and Development

  • Creating Integrated Platform for Several Age Groups and Skill Sets

  • Agile, lifetime learning.

Shipping, Transportation and Logistics

Emerging business trends on Global Corporations has created momentum for autonomous vessels and autonomous vechicles and to new applications and services on the Shipping, Transport & Logistics industry. The world has become smaller and connected now, and people has the luxury of buying anything from anywhere, without worrying about logistics. This has created a phenomenal growth potential and a lucrative business opportunity for the industry, but it comes with its inherent challenges, like:

  • Autonomous solutions

  • IoT and edge computing solutions

  • Route & Cost Optimization

  • Security issues in supply chain

  • Frequent rises in fuel prices

  • Environmental regulation compliance

  • Managing variations in transit times

  • Vulnerability of damage to goods or transportation equipment in transit.

Retail & eCommerce industry

Today, the retail & eCommerce industry is facing immense global competition from the new digital channels, like e-commerce, m-commerce and social media. Customers are well informed, tech savvy and demands quick and better services. These new dynamics has imposed huge challenges to retail industry in terms of customer services as well as operations and supply chain.

Some of the major challenges faced by Retail & eCommerce industry are:

  • Quick adaptability to rapidly changing market trends including Recommendations

  • Meet ever increasing customers’ expectations

  • Need to get right price with increased consumer price-awareness

  • Intense market competition with a risk to be substituted with another vendor

  • Change in consumer buying pattern with increased expectation for quality service at competitive price

Over tackle, these challenges, Information Technology has a very crucial role to play in overall retail industry operations, supply chain and sales & service of the retail industry.


Healthcare is one of the most crucial industries worldwide and is growing rapidly over the last decade. Innovations in service, care models, and information delivery can revolutionize the future of healthcare. Companies thrive on providing the best possible care, but they face challenges in terms of improving the quality of care delivered, managing the operations, enhancing worker productivity, reducing human error and reducing costs.

Some of the major challenges faced by the healthcare providers are:

  • Increasing Costs of Medical Advances

  • Quality and safety of Health Services

  • Demand for High-quality Healthcare

  • Increasing Budgetary Pressures

  • Compliance With Regulatory Standards

  • Managing Operational and IT Risks

  • Information Confidentiality

  • Workforce Management

Healthcare IT Consulting has a major role to play in terms of achieving higher quality patient care, reduce the cost of care for both healthcare providers and consumers, shorten the time to deliver and receive care, and even provide increased patient autonomy in healthcare solutions.

Government & Legal

Lifetime Group is approved as Valtori supplier company.

Sports and Gaming

Project Summary

Here are some of the projects done for our clients:

  • A Simulator application developed for golf coaches to facilitate easy coaching. The application allows simultaneous capture and display of real-time 3D bio-mechanical data from magnetic trackers. The coaching can be done through animated images created by the application as per data received from the sensors.

  • A Golf Trainer application to demonstrate and sharpen the golfing skills for both players and trainers. The application includes detailed directory of holes, clubs, courses, tournaments, etc. It also allows to add new players and create tests that would help players judge their skills.

Travel & Hospitality

Today’s digital era has greatly revolutionized the way people plan their travel. Due to immense competition, the survival and success of Travel & Hospitality companies depends on customized services and exceptional guest experience, before, during and after the travel.

Some to the key challenges faced by travel and hospitality industry are:

  • Meeting ever increasing demands and expectation of travellers

  • Implementing new technologies to stay at par and ahead of competition

  • Increased tax rate and its strong impact on global travel

  • Evaluating risks in investments to travel and hospitality infrastructure

  • Reduce costs and increase profitability.

Telecom 5G and 6G Partnership

Lifetime Group is member of Telia 5G network.

Lifetime Group is member of Business Finland Digital Trust Program.

Lifetime Consulting and Advisory

Software Product Development Services

Complete product development and maintenance service from Product Usability, Design and Development services and Product Prototyping and buidl services.

  • New product development through prototyping, agile product mvp, alpha, beta product launch. From idea into innovation.

  • Modification of the existing product ; scale up, scale out using containerization, micro services, VMvare IT enviroments. Application’s Cloud Migration & Re-engineering. Scale-out of a legacy system.

  • Technology migration. Application Maintenance.New version control and release management CI / CD, GitHub, GitBucket, DevSecOps.

  • SaaS on Hybrid Cloud

Web Application Development

PI Planning from ideas, using agile process on Atlassian Tooling (JIRA; Trello; Confluence) and make an easier web application. SEO, Digital Marketing, Commerce, Pages, Intelligent Forms, Bots, Mailing Lists, Digital Campaign Management.

Enterprise Application Integration

We streamline existing application architecture by embracing emerging technologies and deliver faster and cost effective enterprise solutions development services.

  • Client - Server Application Development

    Our service includes full life cycle database management service to allow our clients to communicate, exchange data and do business in a safe environment.

  • On-Premise and Cloud Application Development

    We carefully develop and deploy applications following security, capacity and integration with on-premise as well as cloud application development

  • Mobile Apps Development

    As an expert Software Consulting Company, we expertise in mobile apps development across all the platforms like iOS, Android, 

Business Consulting areas include

  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

  • Tool Selection

  • DWH design

  • OLAP cube

  • Dashboards

  • Reporting

  • Reporting/Dashboards

  • Report and Dashboard

  • Migrating across Reporting platforms

  • Customized Report and Alert

  • Performance Optimization

  • Data Management

  • Data Migration (ETL)

  • Master Data Management

  • Tools and Technology Selection

  • Data Connectors

  • APIs
    Big Data Analytics

  • HDFS Infrastructure

  • Setting up Hadoop cluster on a fresh set of machines along with complete Ecosystem

  • DWH design

  • OLAP cube

  • Dashboards

  • Reporting

  • Reporting/Dashboards

  • Report and Dashboard

  • Migrating across Reporting platforms

  • Customized Report and Alert

  • Performance Optimization

  • Data Management

  • Data Migration (ETL)

  • Master Data Management

  • Tools and Technology Selection

  • Data Connectors

Cloud Advisory Services

Our cloud technology experts carry out an in-depth analysis of your existing IT infrastructure and business requirements and advises on the cloud strategies, road map, and selection of the right platform.

  • Cloud Application Development Services

    We have expertise in application development in the cloud and deploying cloud applications using industry standard tools and technologies, with other on-premise or cloud applications.

  • Cloud Integration Services

    We have expertise in integrating applications for scenarios like on-premise to cloud, cloud to on-premise, and cloud to cloud.

  • Cloud Migration and Implementation Services

    Our cloud migration and implementation services include creating private clouds, migration to public clouds, SaaS enablement, and implementation on PaaS/IaaS.

  • Cloud Management Services

    Utilizing our years of experience in offshore development and management, we offer great flexibility and options to manage and monitor the mission critical applications on cloud ecosystem.

Test Automation services

  • Test Automation Assessment and ROI Analysis

  • Automation feasibility study

  • Test life cycle automation

  • Data validation / Data driven automation

  • Test case scripting in C#, Java

  • Smoke / Regression automation

  • RPA

User Interface & User Experience Design & Development

  • Information Architecture Planning

    Information Architecture Planning is about logically organizing information of a system, such that it is user-friendly, intuitive, and consistent. UX design team architects the system such that it enables the users to easily and quickly find what they are looking for.

  • User Roadmap Design (Interaction Design)

    An interaction is a communication between a user and your systems through the interface. Our UX design experts are well-versed in identifying such interactions and creating a roadmap of the system that is consistent with the information architecture, data flow, users’ expectations and your business goals.

  • Wireframe Designing

    Once the information architecture and roadmap design are ready, the next step is to visualize how the system, app or a website would look like. This can be achieved using a prototype or a blueprint which is known as Wireframes. Our UX designers are experienced in designing the wireframes which help to ensure that the right information is presented in the right way and at the right place.

  • Graphics (Visual Design)

    Look-n-feel of a system is an equally important aspect, along with the well-organized information architect and roadmap design. Graphics emphasize on the aesthetics of a system which includes color and contrast, styles, fonts, images, navigation, animation, and many other design elements. In terms of websites, it is a critical element to attract as well as retain the visitors and increases conversion. UX designers create alluring graphics as per customers’ requirements and branding.

  • Frontend Development

    Frontend development is the process of converting the design into a working system. Our frontend developers are expert in coding technologies and regulatory and industry standards. With our years of experience, we ensure that the system works exactly as per the information architect and roadmaps.

User Testing

Once the system is developed it is important to ensure it is accepted by the users and that it performs as intended. User Testing is a prerequisite step before releasing a system, and we conduct it with different users, obtain feedbacks to understand their views and identify scope for improvements.

Growth Hacking

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