Open Banking single-page application (Open Banking SPA)


Open Banking single-page application (Open Banking SPA)


A single-page application (SPA) is a web application or web site that fits on a single web page with the goal of providing a more fluent user experience similar to a desktop application.

SPA scales to multiple view sizes including MAC, PC, iPad, Samsung and similar Tablet , iPhone, Android phones. 

Each SPA page can contain product information buy able from the page. Usually Company SPA contains additional pages such as Contact FormChat with Sales representative, Technical  Support Chat, Company BlogProducts Catalog Page, for example,

Your SPA and The Platform is supported 24 / 7 for Secure Company Site. Our staff updates your SPA when needed with New Design, Logo, Pictures, Texts, Products, and pages functionality (fe. Chat, Campaign Page) upon your request and material. 

Our designer helps choosing right design. There is available business ready auto-scaling pictures (10 € each) to make International Site.

Administrator rights can be granted your own staff so that they can also make updates to your SPA web site (not available in 14 d Free Trial mode). There are different authority levels available fe. Contributor can add and edit texts. Site Administrator can change all site information.

See English Brochure (PDF)

Katso tästä suomenkielinen esitteemme (PDF)


1. Opening a New SPA for Business

Technical Solution: 

  • SPA Cover Page

  • Domain Setup (or local registrant for .fi)

  • 2h for Domain Setup (excludes domain fee).

  • 2h for SPA creating with SquareSpace (ask for WordPress, Tumblr) Cover Page Setup

One-Time Fee. TOTAL 280 € (without Tax. Alv 0%).

2. Company Website Basic SPA Multiple Pages

  • includes 1 buy able product to SPA

  • Contact Form

  • Multiple pages incl. blog, products

  • includes 10 h of development

One-Time Fee. TOTAL 680 € (without Tax. Alv 0%).

3. Company Website with  SPA with buy able product plus

  • Contact form

  • Commerce includes 10 plus products with product variants and rich data and sharing

  • Social interaction for Campaigns

  • Professional Website with multiple pages

  • One-Time Fee. TOTAL 2100 € (without Tax. Alv 0%)

4. SPA Monthly

  • Update Fee 70 € € (without Tax. Alv 0%)

  • 1 hour maintenance to your site and data

5. Google Apps for Work                                   TOTAL  680 eur (Alv 0%)

  • 2h Domain and Admin Setup

  • 2h Company Domain and Device Policy Setup

  • 2h Security Setup including Valve and Third-Party

  • 0,15 h User Account Setup each

  • TOTAL 680 € (without Tax. Alv 0%). includes up-to 10 UAs.

6. Apple iCloud Product SPA

Create dashing Presentations, Pages, Numbers, email messages, campaigns, and so much more.

  • 2h setup of iCloud services per user

  • 2h setup for desktop usage of iCloud products on PC, MAC, Android per user.

  • One-Time Fee. TOTAL 680 € (without Tax. Alv 0%).

7. Full-Stack and Front-End Development

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Samarin

  • Windows Development

  • Open Source Development

  • Full-Stack development

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2016 Enterprise

  • Git

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Angular.JS

  • Support for Common Web Servers running on Cloud

  • Call for Action 00 358 400 319 010 / Risto

  • 10h day available.

All products 

  • exclude domain registrant fee. (.COM, .FI, .NET, .EU, .ORG ..)

  • exclude Service level fee

    • cover page fee from 5 per mo

    • standard 8 per mo

    • commerce 12 per a mo.

  • includes FREE Domain Name Server Service (VALUE $ 29.95 a Year)*

    • Or your company can use their own or Domain Name Server.

    • Contract Terms: IT2015

    • Payment in advance

    • Lifetime Studios does not pay back any fees in case solution does not fit customer need.

    • If customer chooses the Trial can be ended in 14 upon customer written notice.

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