(LSJ) Organising pipelines and activity sets in Excel and CRM

Unfortunately there isn't a way to mass upload pipelines to Insightly yet. We are hopeful they will add this feature in the future. Meanwhile, I made you a short screen shot video to give you an idea of how we organize pipelines and activity sets in spreadsheets before we upload them to Insightly.

(LSJ) Insinööriajattelu

Insinööriajattelu tarkoitti ennen sitä, että ensin suunnitellaan ja lasketaan. Vasta sitten aloitetaan, kun on varmuus että homma on järkevä, ja rahat riittävät pätevään suoritukseen.

Nykyään myös insinöörit osaavat asioiden testaamisen asiakkailla ja beta-versioiden kautta oppimisen.

-perusinsinööri Veijo Miettinen

(LSJ) Save Your files securely to the Cloud (encrypted)

Get a free copy of Boxcryptor and encrypt ALL of Your Cloud Data

Secure your cloud storage today and join Boxcryptor! [https://www.boxcryptor.com/app/referral/?code=AluVvouxQoopMc74 #securecloud]1

1: https://www.boxcryptor.com/app/referral/?code=AluVvouxQoopMc74 #securecloud

My Business Case

I am using Boxcryptor on Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox on all my devices. I highly recommend this solution. I have one wish to Boxcryptor Team; please add 2-way authentication similar to OneDrive or Google Drive to add another securitys layer to the login.

Let's keep our files safe ! / Risto

Free Offer is found is https://www.boxcryptor.com/app/referral/?code=AluVvouxQoopMc74

Digital marketing with Business Intelligence based on Big Data now available from Lifetime Studios - Advisors You Trust

Digital marketing has evolved. The world is deviating and getting braver, markets drivers are different and becoming bolder, business models are disruptive and going beyond borders. Your work today requires new insights, methodologies, tools and interaction. It is more than just looking at the market alone; it is about understanding all market dynamics.

As a professional at your industry, you need to follow and analyze your customers, competition and market drivers - by using primary and secondary market research, business intelligence with big data along with connected social monitoring. An increase in R & D with built-in Analytical Capabilities is urgently needed in key processes like Sales, Marketing, Product Platforms, and Production. Your critical question is how to find a trustworthy partner to secure your business success and sharpen your competitive edge in this new disruptive market.

As a Business Owner, You need to address the following

• Using Business Intelligence and Big Data to gain new leads and sales to thrive your business • use of BI and Big Data to improve conversion rate in Digital Marketing • Finding and hiring the trusted advisors in tough digital times? • Win new customers • improve your company's net earnings with digital marketing process The folks at the Lifetime Studios Advisor teams are ready to help you to win.

Lifetime Studios in Kasvu Open Final 8th of June

Hello World !

Lifetime Studios is Chosen to Top 15 Companies in Finland in Kasvu Open.

See more about Kasvu Open

I Will present a pitch talk 8th of June in Helsinki region Final. Pitch will be available in English and in Finnish.

Br, Risto

Lifetime Studios is in Crunchbase and in Gust 

A Note from a investor

On 05/28/15 02:57ip., Ivan wrote:


Hi Risto, 

I’m currently working with a number of tier 1 & 2 brands cross vertically such as Philips, Audi, EDF, AXA, McDonald's, Nike, Microsoft etc. who have expressed investment priorities within Business Intelligence & Big Data / Analytic's for digital marketing. 

Lifetime Oy Ltd. have been passed to me as a recommendation and I’m keen to see if there is any synergy between their challenges and your solutions. 

Are you free for a quick chat today or tomorrow? 



Lifetime friends welcome new investors

Lifetime friends welcome new investors


Risto Anton

Lifetime Group, Business Owner

Lifetime Studios

Lifetime Consulting

Lifetime HR Solutions

Lifetime Publishing

Lifetime Logistics

+358 400 319 010


(LSJ) Lifetime Oy Kasvu Open 2015 tapahtumassa

"Hyvät ystävät ..saanko esitellä Lifetime Oy, Lifetime Consulting, sekä Lifetime Studios "

Moi olen mukana Kasvu Open 2015 Lifetime Studiosin kanssa. Oletko ollut itse siellä? http://www.kasvuopen.fi/kasvupolut/paakaupunkiseudun-kasvupolku-2015

Tuomaristo valitsi Pääkaupunkiseudun Kasvupolulle 57 hakijan joukosta seuraavat yritykset: ActPRO Wellness 360, Emotion Tracker, Etunti.fi, Eve-Tech Oy, Foodiac Oy, Jitec Automation, Kide Clinical Systems Oy, Lifetime Oy, MeaLinqua/Oppidoo Oy, NordSafety, Novosan Oy, Rockway Oy, Seaboost Oy, Showcase Room sekä TellAbout. Olen käytettävissä asiakastöihin 15.5.2015 alkaen. 0400319010 -Risto Päärni

(LSJ) It is time to Start-Up Again

Lifetime Studios is up and running. Our Commitment is stronger than ever.

Digital revolution is now stepping to new level. And we are here to help You

  • Strategic Development
  • Cloud Software Architecture
  • Corporate ICT Solutions: PaaS, SaaS

Over 50 Roles available.

Call-for-Action Are You looking for second chance in Digital App Development, Publications and Content Worlds? Look no further.

Lifetime Studios is looking talented people to join the Crew.

(LSJ) March 2015 Product Catalog is Online

Lifetime Studios March 2015 Product Catalog is available. Our Web Store is still undergoing development phase. We had some difficulties to import Google Mercant Server -type products.csv into to Squarespace 7 platform.

Import as Shopify .csv did not work either. From previous exprience I know that any mismatch in the syntax prevents importing products.

I know friends at Squarespace are allready working new and better .csv format rules.

Since Squarespace products can have Options I created Options for different Roles instead of a every line as a new product.